Production Inspector

Job Summary

Responsible for examining materials for quality and defects. Ensures that people, equipment, and materials are used properly to maximize productivity.

Primary responsibilities

  • Ensure quality of manufactured goods.
  • Inspect goods as they are finished.
  • Examine materials from suppliers before sending them to production line.
  • Inspect components,and assemblies.
  • Perform quick visual inspections.
  • Perform complex tests using instruments and equipment.
  • Test, measure, and analyze products.
  • Take samples for testing.
  • Order materials.
  • Perform inspections.
  • Ensure company is meeting the standard codes in the manufacturing process.
  • Record pass/fail grade of products.
  • Produce detailed reports.
  • Count number of products tested or inspected.
  • Clean and repair machines.
  • Weigh product and samples to verify packaging weight.
  • Compare color, shape, texture, or grade of product or material with color chart, template, or sample to ensure consistency



Florence, Alabama 35634